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"Oh I Know" is a phrase used by Sybil Fawlty on one of my favorite shows - Fawlty Towers. I find I say it alot too!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Called to Serve

My mom is going on a mission for our church, and last night we all got together at the farm to see where she will be serving for 18 months. She had gotten her envelope last Thursday and waited until most of us were able to come.  We were only missing the two oldest granddaughters - Cora was working, and Leah is at EFY.

We all made our guesses as to where we thought she would be going.  Then it was finally time for the moment of truth.

She'll be serving in the Canada Montreal Mission for 18 months, primarily as an office specialist.  She reports to the Provo MTC on February 5th, 2018.

I am so proud of my mom for making this decision to serve, and excited for the experiences she'll have.

Ashton made cute little flags for the cake.

Congratulations Mom!  We think you are amazing.


  1. So happy for her Lainie. She is a great example to your family and those grandchildren growing up. She will do awesome. I know you will miss her terribly, but 18 months is a short time. I was so happy she let me know.

  2. It was so much fun getting together!! I am so excited for her and the decision she has made to serve, what an example!!!!! Love her to bits!

  3. It was good to see everyone. Even for just and evening. Such a fun call. She will be great.